Who doesn’t want to be relaxed? What won’t we do for it? We will pay a lot of hard-earned money on flight tickets and expensive resorts just to get away from our normal life and relax. We will submerge ourselves in boiling bubbling water, let people manipulate our muscles, use candles, drugs, music, and who knows what else just to relax, to forget about our troubles and smile a bit.

So what if I tell you that we are completely missing the point by doing all of these things just to relax? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all of that is bad for you, or not necessary. What I am saying is that all of these ‘therapies’ are pointless in the matter of relaxation. Such therapies are all good ways to spend time, to be together with friends or lovers, and maybe, on a good day, they are also a way for a temporary local relaxation. But these activities are not a solution, and we find over and over again that the tension comes back and we very soon forget all about being relaxed. We find ourselves back in heavy traffic, in front of the annoying boss or kids or waiter, but there will be no hot water to soak our troubles away. We look for solutions from outside, but these are not really effective or permanent in solving the problems from the outside world as we perceive and experience it. Our outside reality is unable to solve itself.

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