Are you new to the dating arena and you’d like to know more about the nature of love? Did you grow up watching the dysfunctional relationship of your parents and you don’t know the true nature of love? Are you afraid you might not be able to recognize true love due to how you were raised?

Many women have a misguided vision of what love should be. The true nature of love escapes them and often leads them to make bad choices as they try to build a romance. Yet, at its core, the nature of love isn’t really all that complicated. A little finicky maybe, but not truly that complicated.

Still My Beating Heart

Remember that first time you saw that cute guy and your body just reacted spontaneously? Your heart sped up, your palms clammed up and your knees went to mush? Our first notion of love is usually this physical attraction to a guy. His eyes are warm and his lips luscious and we can all too easily imagine ourselves in his embrace.

Physical attraction has its merits, but it’s not what defines love. For love to grow, you need a stronger bond than the one built on what your eyes alone tell you.

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