I used to hate jogging. First of all, I don’t like the feeling of suffocation while jogging (because I was overweight and can’t move). Second, overweight people tend not to like to sweat, because sweating will produce more heat and I will feel very uncomfortable with the sweating. Third, I don’t like to wear those sport suits, as it just shows out my fats, so embarrassing.

But, what I found out there are more benefits on jogging.
Jogging, you can do it anywhere, preferably walking streets or parks or gym(if you sign up for any gym which might cost you some money). For jogging, it only require you to have a pair of good quality running shoes (but don’t need to buy too branded running shoes which might cost you few hundred dollars). You can jog solo or with your friends or jogger mates. Jog at your own sweet time. And best thing is, you don’t need to buy expensive exercise equipments for it. How cool is that?

What I suggest here is, go for outdoor jogging. I never tried indoor jogging(which is using the treadmills jogging equipments in the gym). But what I heard from few of my friends saying, outdoor jogging is way much better than indoor jogging. Why so? For outdoor jogging, you can actually feel the freedom while you jog. The freedom I’m saying here is the fresh air and nice scenery, enjoying the nature.

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