There are several opinions about what women are. Most of these opinions you and I believe are insincere, partial and very maudlin. To all intents and purposes, women should be sensed in a better way. Though everyone is entitled to his opinions; it will be in our best interest if we can be more impartial and selfless in this regard. It is no news that women are essential ingredients of a life that is peaceful with no sense of neglect. Women are direct epitome of abundance and tend to conform to the law of nature in continuous existence.

What this implies in actual sense is that women are like receptacle; when you give them something, they perform miracle with it and return it to you much better. For instance, if you give them money, they perform magic with it and return very delicious food on your table. If you give them a seed, they multiply it and give you bouncing babies after sometime. It will not be an exaggeration therefore to say that women are wonders themselves. That is why I will submit here that the word “woman” means the man with capacity!

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